Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tapering is harder than training...

So, I've been informed that my blog has been somewhat lame lately :) hahahah. I'm gonna try to fix that. Life has been exploding lately with new things to deal with, so readers, please accept my sincere apology while I figure out a new routine to get this monster regularly updated within.

Very much looking forward to doing the marathon on Sunday! It's gonna rock. Weather is supposed to be great, been feeling great in the little bit of working out I've been doing lately, ... everything is lining up really well. The touch of plantar fascia problems I was dealing with seems to be responding to the treatment its been getting.

This is funny, but most of all I want to get the marathon past so I can start training regularly again! How strange is that. Training seems to be one of the most regular parts of life these days... tapering just doesnt float my boat like being able to hammer out a run or bike workout does. It's nice to get that super tired but accomplished feeling a few times a week. Yes, I know, I'm sick mentally, but I love it. Something very empowering about it.

Well, that's all for this moment. I'll post again soon - I promise :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Opportunity knocks...

Change = opportunity.

From my viewpoint, reaction to change is one of the best measures of positivity in a person's character. If change = opportunity (maybe even mixed in with a little uncertainty), you're all good. If change = fear and self-doubt, there's an underlying issue that needs to be understood and addressed. Understanding your reaction to change is a great way to understand where you're head is at.

Change = opportunity.

Those who want to 'See Tom Tri' :)