Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Getting back after it.

Going to the gym last night was a significantly different experience than last week :) My legs work again - even ran at a pretty good pace for a short distance. Looks like I'm successfully shaking the Ironman funk off. Very much looking forward to re-engaging in training.

Luckily, the post CDA celebrations continue... I'm guessing this week will be the last significant week of out and aboutness for the T3 crew before the training regimen begins to ramp back up (depending on who is doing what upcoming events). Next big thing for me? Longhorn 70.3, closely followed by the pre-CIM tuneup San Antonio RnR Half Marathon, and then, the final 'A' event for me in 2009, the California International Marathon. I've got my work cut out for me.

Life's been a lot of fun lately - some unexpected fun surprises, and a few very much expected fun times with friends enjoying being post-Ironman. My crew of friends is very loose and looking to have fun - it's kind of like December in June. I'll take it.

A few of us are starting to look into 2010 and see what fun lies ahead. With family moving to Seattle, i'm quite confident the Lake Stephens 70.3 will be on my calendar. There's been talk of the St. Croix 70.3 and the Hawaii 70.3 as well. It'd be great to get back on a beach for a few days. We'll see how it pans out!

So long IMCDA '09. Time to move onwards and upwards!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

One week ago I became an Ironman...

Back in real life for one week now. It's wild how much of a transition it's been to get back to the normal pace of life. There are some perks to being through the race... sleeping in, staying out a little too late, having one beer more than is sensible when training :), ... everyone's been in a celebrating mood since the race.

So, a few post IM thoughts from IMCDA 2009...

- I have the best brother anyone could ever have. It's quite a hardship on him professionally to be out of the office, and to have Juli and Matt prioritize being there for this event meant more to me than I could express in a blog. Wow. I just can't imagine what going through this experience would have been like without having their love and support before, during, and after. Going through the finishers chute was super emotional for me, but seeing them there screaming their heads off in the front row (probably having had to fight their way in to get such a great spot) was amazing. Matt, you have no idea how special your being there made the whole weekend for me.

- My friends are rockin. Chris and Kevin are not only super rockin dudes in regular life, but we also share a passion for the sport of Triathlon that enables us all to have shared experiences that just can't be had any other way. I'll remember how rockin it was to run the marathon portion of the race with Chris, my homie who I did the greater majority of the training to get there with (and not to mention his wife Steph and son Ryland, who both were there to share this crazy ride with - you are both rock stars!). I'll remember how Kevin was there for me to do whatever I didn't have hands to do myself (and some stuff I did!) all weekend long, from leaving Austin through the race and then returning to Austin. I'll also remember how fun the warm-up swim the day before was... just such a cool experience. Fellas, you kick major azz, and I'm a lucky dude to have such rockin friends.

There are a ton of people who were a huge part of this experience for me... I'm sure I've left a few thank yous out. There were so many people who played a role I'm sure that's the case. For you, please know that every moment of encouragement, help, motivation, companionship, ... that you were there for was there with me as I crossed the line in CDA, and will continue to be with me as life moves forward beyond there.

I am an Ironman, and I didn't get there alone. To my friends and family, I love you all very much.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

4 more days...

All the training is done. Wow.

I can remember...

- Being pretty tired after just a few lengths at barton springs.
- Wondering why people took ice baths and if they helped at all.
- Thinking yoga was kind of silly and I could just stretch more instead.
- Massage feels great and I'm sure helps in recovery, but is more of a luxury than a need.
- Thinking the water at the ski ranch is kind of dirty, but its ok I guess...


A few things I've learned (and relearned) so far in 2009...

- You can go as long as you want with the proper nutrition and pacing. Big shout out to Infinit and Thermolytes.
- Ironman training is not meant to be completed alone. Big shout out to my teammates/training friends. No way would I be as ready without you.
- My body just barely made it through the training injury free, thanks entirely to proper rest and recovery - big shout out to yoga, ice baths, and massage/PT at Performance Wellness.
- No matter how much multisport you do, there's always new technique to learn/distances to conquer/training focus areas/people to meet/destinations to visit/...
- The water at the ski ranch is flat rancid, and I will be a healthier person if I never come in contact with it again.

Those who want to 'See Tom Tri' :)