Monday, April 20, 2009

I love me some Flight of the Conchords...

Monday Haiku

Future thoughts
Want to travel a bit more
Warm ocean beach

Endless training fun
No need for a social life :)
More Triathlon

Note: Viewpoint of author not entirely reflected in above haiku... :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Winner winner

Due to the sheer amount of entries into the 'haiku as tattoo' contest, I've decided to segment the entries into a few categories...

1. Overall Winner
2. 'Relationship' based, using that term quite loosely
3. Non-'Relationship' based

The winner in the 'relationship'-based category is... Blythe!

Oh the men I've dated
Tom, Dick and Harry
Who the hell are they?

Tattoo Location: Posted on your left rear end cheek to cover up the heart with Tom's name in it.

Next up, the non-'Relationship' category winner... Kevin!

Tattoo on my face.
Wish it were written backwards.
Then I could read it.

Tattoo Location: Assuming the face based on the 1st line

Honorable mention in this category goes to Shorey - check the comments for the contest posting to see her outstanding Haiku.

And, the overall winner... Matt!

I am a commie
Also I like Frosted Flakes
Kick me in the nuts

Tattoo Location: This should be tattooed on the forehead.

There was a close second by Erin and Alisa... see the comments for the contest posting. It's a winner.

So, Blythe, Kevin, Erin, Alisa - I owe you a drink :)

Thanks to everyone for getting one in there! More contests to come. Haiku rocks.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Contest - please comment on this with your thoughts...

Alright, a friend and I were talking about haiku tonight, and agreed that one of the worst tattoo ideas ever would be a really awful haiku. Hence, a contest was born.

Here's the contest. Please submit a comment to this thread with your idea for the worst possible haiku to have as a tattoo... and if you want, you could also include the location for the tattoo to be placed. The winner will get something food related - details to be announced.

The more the merrier - please give it a shot! :)

It's Business Time

Happy Feet

Monday Haiku

Rainy morning
Do my long run later?
Monday :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Happy Easter everybody - I hope you all had a blast with your friends and family. I'm quite sure that not everyone who reads this is of the Christian persuasion, but all the same I hope today was a great day of reflection whatever your existential viewpoint may be. Personally, I celebrated Easter with attending church with a good friend, enjoyed a post-service BBQ, and had an outstanding dinner and game night with friends covering the entire spectrum of religious viewpoints. Variety was the order of the day!

Also, it was nice taking a step back from training for a day. Heavy day for me tomorrow, since I was set back by this morning's rain - Long run still requires my attention :)

Hope you all have a great Monday, and had an opportunity today to consider the existential bits of life...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Thoughts from Lonestar (brief race report)

And now, for the obligatory medal picture...

The Lonestar half was fun, and will be a fixture in my schedule moving forward. Fun.

The race...

Swim: Ocean swim, two turns, as straightforward as a swim gets. The saltwater was an issue for some, but other than getting a salty taste in my mouth no issue there. I really enjoyed it, and had a good swim split. Not a PR for the half iron swim distance for me, but close.

Bike: The most accurate thing I could say would be that the bike was almost exactly like riding a trainer for 56mi :) There were very few turns in the course, and it was near dead flat. This is a course that was built for speed. There were some big numbers posted for average speed. Big time PR for me for the half iron bike leg.

Run: This is where things fell apart for me... wasn't aware how far I was behind in my hydration until I got a short bit into the run - it quickly became apparent to me that not only was I dehydrated, but I had lost a ton of salt. I'm not normally a salty sweater, but I was that day! Not even close to a good time for me in the run, but a great learning experience and certainly something to build on.

All in all, a great weekend and a very fun race. The run was a good character builder, and a good reminder that I need to re-examine my nutrition plan; I think it's time for me to make my nutrition plan as automatic as possible and end the ongoing experiment.

Many, many thanks to all my T3 friends and other fellow competitors - even for those who had a tough day, there was a great feeling of camaraderie on the course.

Short and sweet today - more to come on life as well as tri :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Haiku - Tribute to the Lonestar Half-Iron Triathlon

Ocean swims are great fun
Maybe next time I'll drink more water
Salty clothes

Those who want to 'See Tom Tri' :)