Sunday, October 12, 2008


Opportunity is an interesting thing, isn't it? Right now, I'm bucketing opportunity into two different categories...

1. Opportunities that you want to have, that you've either created through endeavor or have stumbled upon through blind luck.

2. Opportunities that come your way through circumstances you don't like... example - the fact that I'm not a professional athlete allows me the *opportunity* to learn how to manage many facets of life that all want more than their fair share of my time all at once. This isn't the thing prompting this ramble from me, but hopefully it serves to help describe the category?

Seems to me perspective is everything concerning responding to either #1 or #2; probably more applicable to #2, but certainly applies strongly to both. Seems that the #2 bucket of opportunity can be a great test of intrinsic character... (massive reframe alert)... not getting what you want not only can build character, but also can help to provide a checkpoint as to how we're doing at the moment the category #2 'opportunity' presents itself. I'm happy to have the opportunity to challenge myself to assume/retain the proper mindset, but very much looking forward to a smoother road soon.

So, on to the boring athletic stuff.

Ran a quick 13 this morning with a very speedy T3 friend. Good run, but stomach problems all morning. First half of run was all uphill (kinda continuous, no real recovery) and thank god for the 'what goes up must come down' thing on the 2nd half of the run. Was pretty proud of myself that I stuck to it and finished strong - almost set a new PR for the half marathon. I'll be curious to see how the longer runs go in my prep for the San Antonio Rock n Roll Marathon. Big props to my run buddy and teammate Kevin - great friend and outstanding athlete. Not to mention my great friends Chris, Stephanie, and Ryland - who upon hearing I was having stomach problems got in their car to come find me and make sure I was ok. I'm very blessed - my friends are truly outstanding people.

Sunday night swim was absolutely rockin... it's always fun, but tonight I trained it rather than just got a leisurely swim in. All of the work (resistance, core, mornings at Barton Springs) is paying off. Still there's lots of great training time between now and the first tri of '09...

Note from Saturday night... Dave Attell is hilarious. I've always thought that I have a relatively edgy sense of humor, but wow... I'm sooo in the kiddie pool compared to that guy. Wow.

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