Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend festivities

What a great weekend... never run so much before in a two day span in my life.

Ran 18 miles. Wow. That's a new longest run ever for me. The fun part? Ran a 8:00/mi average. Had been planning on a race pace at San Antonio of 8:30/mi... if this coming weekend's 22mi run goes as well, may have to drop that goal a bit :) Fun with friends up north in the afternoon, on to lots and lots of football. My Spartans got absolutely taken apart unfortunately, and it seemed Mizzou didn't bring much more with them to play TX than MSU did to play OSU (TX is looking very strong this season... we'll see if they can keep it up). Carrie, thanks for not blogging about the OSU v. MSU game. Ouch.

IBM uptown classic 10k. Had no idea how I was going to feel. Finished my warm-up with my homie Quirk, and started feeling pretty good. Ended up going 44 flat (7:05/mi), which was a new PR for me. Think I could have taken it down around 42:45 or so if I hadn't done the 18 the day before, but that one will have to wait for another day :) New PR for the Quirker too - great job man. Rode the Mt. Bonnell loop with Stathi and Michelle, and then on to a football-filled afternoon (mmmm... chicken nachos... mmmm).

Great weekend. I'm exhausted :)


Shorey said...

good job!

Matthew said...

The chicken nachos part sounds great - everything else sounds too tiring. :)

Those who want to 'See Tom Tri' :)