Tuesday, June 16, 2009

4 more days...

All the training is done. Wow.

I can remember...

- Being pretty tired after just a few lengths at barton springs.
- Wondering why people took ice baths and if they helped at all.
- Thinking yoga was kind of silly and I could just stretch more instead.
- Massage feels great and I'm sure helps in recovery, but is more of a luxury than a need.
- Thinking the water at the ski ranch is kind of dirty, but its ok I guess...


A few things I've learned (and relearned) so far in 2009...

- You can go as long as you want with the proper nutrition and pacing. Big shout out to Infinit and Thermolytes.
- Ironman training is not meant to be completed alone. Big shout out to my teammates/training friends. No way would I be as ready without you.
- My body just barely made it through the training injury free, thanks entirely to proper rest and recovery - big shout out to yoga, ice baths, and massage/PT at Performance Wellness.
- No matter how much multisport you do, there's always new technique to learn/distances to conquer/training focus areas/people to meet/destinations to visit/...
- The water at the ski ranch is flat rancid, and I will be a healthier person if I never come in contact with it again.

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