Thursday, August 27, 2009

Spending energy...

When I made the transition from college life to being out on my own (and REALLY out on my own - moved out of my home state not having more than a handful of acquaintances in my new state), it became quickly apparent that I was going to have to increase the amount of things I could manage at any one time - family, friends, job, housing, money, hobbies, ... we all know what the list looks like for each of us. This of course was years and years ago... so why write about it now? I was thinking today about how that process never really ended :) I've got a bunch of great things going on in life right now, and they all want my time/energy/resources/... and i'm having to prioritize like never before. It's kind of fun actually - going through periods like this is very clarifying when it comes to understanding your own priorities.

Maybe this is what kicked off the thought process... I had the opportunity to have dinner and play games with some very close friends last night, and seeing how deeply and quickly their son was able to immerse himself in the game we were playing was amazing. It made me consider the delta between the life of a 9 year old vs. that of someone my age. Wow!

So, having said all that, the next level of thinking brings me to how awesome it is to have such a full life. I've got so many fun, challenging, rewarding things in life all pulling for my attention... what a great problem to have! If I only had any passion for keeping my home in more consistently orderly shape... :)

Just for fun, here's a pic of just a small bit of the crew from this past friday's Austin Duathlete's 'dress up as a douchebag' pub run... enjoy.

Those who want to 'See Tom Tri' :)