Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Big weekend...

Heading to Oklahoma this weekend for the edman Triathlon, in which I'll be doing the half iron distance. This is sort of a special race for me, in that it's the age group national championships for the half-iron distance; if I do well at this race, I can potentially get a spot on Team USA for the 2010 Half Ironman World Age Group championships. Wow. Rewind 5 years, and this was inconcieveable... I weighed ~250lbs, couldnt run a mile without stopping at any pace, and wasnt even on the road to having it pulled back together. All that, after having raced bikes for years prior to that and been in the best shape of my life. Needless to say, i'm quite fired up about this weekend.

Triathlon has not only brought fun into my life in terms of the challenge and fitness, but also some outstanding people. Heading up to OK with my friends Dionn, Kevin, Carrie, Tami, Dina and Maurice (all teammates as well). Really looking forward to that trip.

Who would have thought OK could be so exciting!

Stay tuned for more.


Matthew said...

Go get 'em hammer!

erichollins said...

Kick ass this weekend, Tom.

Jane said...

You once weighed 250?! Wow.

Those who want to 'See Tom Tri' :)