Monday, April 13, 2009

Contest - please comment on this with your thoughts...

Alright, a friend and I were talking about haiku tonight, and agreed that one of the worst tattoo ideas ever would be a really awful haiku. Hence, a contest was born.

Here's the contest. Please submit a comment to this thread with your idea for the worst possible haiku to have as a tattoo... and if you want, you could also include the location for the tattoo to be placed. The winner will get something food related - details to be announced.

The more the merrier - please give it a shot! :)


Shorey said...

I am super lame
friend dared me to get this here
Oh how lame I am

Matthew said...

I am a commie
Also I like Frosted Flakes
Kick me in the nuts

This should be tattooed on the forehead.

Tom... you know, me. said...

Why create a new word?
This poem is crap.

Blythe said...

Oh the men I've dated
Tom, Dick and Harry
Who the hell are they?

Posted on your left rear end cheek to cover up the heart with Tom's name in it.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Haikus are great, yo!
So great I got one tattooed.
Maybe not so great.

Tattoo on my face.
Wish it were written backwards.
Then I could read it.

What will remain tight?
Don't want my tattoo stretching.
Stay away from flab.

erin said...

the booty call rules:
if you've been dumped, don't call...
unless for gag ball?

or, perhaps:

Pompous I may be
Because it's all about me!
Pointy helmet, me!

Thanks, Freebirds.
-Erin & Asila

Those who want to 'See Tom Tri' :)