Sunday, April 12, 2009


Happy Easter everybody - I hope you all had a blast with your friends and family. I'm quite sure that not everyone who reads this is of the Christian persuasion, but all the same I hope today was a great day of reflection whatever your existential viewpoint may be. Personally, I celebrated Easter with attending church with a good friend, enjoyed a post-service BBQ, and had an outstanding dinner and game night with friends covering the entire spectrum of religious viewpoints. Variety was the order of the day!

Also, it was nice taking a step back from training for a day. Heavy day for me tomorrow, since I was set back by this morning's rain - Long run still requires my attention :)

Hope you all have a great Monday, and had an opportunity today to consider the existential bits of life...

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erin said...

sorry but i can't find the article on myeuneutrality...

happy post easter to you too!

Those who want to 'See Tom Tri' :)