Monday, February 1, 2010

Cold and colder weather, Halfmax '10

Hopefully this weather will take a break and let us have some sun and warmth pretty soon. It was entirely too cold to ride outdoors this weekend - forecast indicated 38F, was actually 31F at 9am. Wow. No way am I getting out for that on the bike!

It wasn't a whole lot warmer Saturday morning, but still with the sun was quite nice to get out for a run. My 2nd double digit run of the year went quite well... kept a good mid-aerobic pace for 10mi around my favorite town lake loop. That 10mi town lake loop is a godsend - no way you can cut that long run short if you're 5mi away from the car! :)

Received my invite for 2010 Halfmax today... even though I've already registered for the event, it still felt nice to receive the invite. Was fired up about how well Halfmax '09 went... hoping for an even faster result for '10. I'd love to make TeamUSA again this year for Worlds '11... Vegas baby!

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